Sunday, May 5, 2019

Paintless Paintball Distributor | Reusable Rubber Paintballs

If you need Paintless Paintballs  or  Reballs Sure Shots stock and distributes Paintless Paintballs. 

Our Paintless Paintballs comes on both standard 68 Caliber and the new Low Impact 50 Caliber sizes.

Of course, LazerBall Paintless Paintballs are reusable for hundreds of shots.

We Specialize in Reusable Ammo and Score Keeping for paintball, nerf and Reball

If you have any questions about Paintless Paintball, You can call us at 304-893-6286 or Contact Sure Shots

Paintless Paintball Target Range | Paintball Targets

 You just have to see the Paintless Paintball Target Shooting Range by LazerBall

The Paintless Paintball Target Range:

Paintless Paintball Target Demonstration
  • Captures and Retains Paintless Paintballs (No More Looking for Lost Paintless Reusable Paintballs!) 
  • Very Easy to Set Up and Easy to Take Down (You are Shooting in Minutes!) 
  • You can use Target Range Indoors or Outdoors (Perfect for Basement Use or in your Backyard!) 
  • You can use either 50 Cal or 68 Cal Paintless Paintballs! (Works with all Paintball Guns!) 
  • We give you 100 FREE Paintless Paintballs (You Choose 50 Cal or 68 Cal Reusable Paintless Paintballs!) 
  • We give you an Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! (If you don't like it...Send It Back!  We won't Ask any Questions!)

 Check This Paintless Paintball Target Out!

Paintball Targets | Paintball Target

If you own a Paintball Gun ... no matter if it is a 50 Caliber or 68 Caliber, You will need something to shoot at.

Using Paintless Paintballs or as some call then Reballs and this Paintball Target will
  • save you money (not buying regular paintballs)
  • give you the opportunity to shoot any time you want
Our Paintball Target
  • Will capture all shot reusable paintballs
  • Is easy to set up and take down

Take a look at the Sure Shots Paintball Target. If could be just what you need to get some Paintball Target Shooting & Paintball Target Practice in.  

50 Caliber Paintball Target Demo68 Cal Paintball Target Demo  


JT Splatmaster Target | JT Splatmaster Target Shooting

The JT Splatmaster Target works with all JT Splatmaster Paintball Guns or other Low Impact Paintball Guns.

JT Splatmaster Target and Video 
This Paintball Target:
  • uses Low Impact Paintless Paintballs
  • captures and contains all shot balls
  • saves you money
The JT Splatmaster Target is fun to use and easy to set up!


Then take closer look at the JT Splatmaster Target and see video

Rubber Paintballs

Rubber Paintballs are used for Training Exercises and Combat Training By:
  • Paintball Teams
  • Military Units
  • Rubber Training PaintballsPolice Forces
  • Tactical Units
  • Prison Facilities

Sure Shots stocks Rubber Training Paintballs.

Rubber Training Paintballs are:
  • Paintless Paintballs
  • Reusable
  • Cheap to Use
  • Good for Paintball Team Practice
  • Good for Paintball Target Shooting

Check Out Sure Shots Rubber Reusable Paintballs and see how these reusable paintballs could improve your training exercises.

JT Spatmaster Reusable Paintless Paintballs

JT Splatmaster Paintless Paintballs Got a JT Spatmaster Paintball Gun and are over buying buying Splatmaster Paintballs or would like to have Reusable Rubber Paintball that works with JT Splatmaster

Sure Shots 50 Caliber Reusable Paintless Paintballs will work in your JT Splatmaster Paintball Gun.

 JT Spatmaster Reusable Paintless Paintballs will:

  • Work in any 50 Cal JT Splatmaster Gun
  • Let you keep your Money (they are reusable... no constantly buying Paintballs)
  • Create No Paintball Mess (reusable paintballs have no paint in them)
Check a Bag of Reusable Paintless Paintballs for Splatmaster Paintball Guns

50 Caliber Low Impact Paintballs

See 50 Caliber Low Impact Paintballs50 Caliber Low Impact Paintballs are ideal for use with JT Splatmaster Paintball Gun or other 50 Caliber Paintball Guns.

Low Impact Paintballs are 50 Caliber and are Reusable!

These Low Impact Reusable Paintballs contain No there is no Nasty Mess to clean up!

See all the 50 Cal Low Impact Paintballs Here!